mother and daughter

mother and daughter

The farm is home to about 80 good quality Anglo Nubian goats both for milk and meat production, on a “zero grazing” method. The farm produces and sells good quality does and bucks.

The farm maintains approximately 10 hectares of orchard with Kalamansi (citrus), Durian, Mangoes, Cashew, Rambutan, and Lakatan banana of native variety. Fruit trees are regularly fertilized with nitrogen and phosphorous-rich goat manure and slurry from a biogas digester.

The farm also operates an 8-cu.m biogas system fed with swine manure from the 10-heads fattener’s pen. The biogas system provides methane as environment-friendly clean fuel for cooking feeds for the fattener’s as well as household use. The slurry from the digester is an excellent organic fertilizer and soil conditioner, and the screened liquid as foliar fertilizer and biological pesticide for the orchard and vegetable garden.

The farm regularly hosts farmer-level training workshops on appropriate and regenerative farming practices such as Crop-Livestock Integration, Organic Farming, Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT), Watershed Stewardship, etc.

Selected areas of the farm are planted with leguminous shrubs and grasses as good source of goat fodder as well as erosion control. More than 500 Coconut trees and other native timber tree species cover the rest of the property that provides natural habitat for monkeys, and several bird species living in the farm.

Products for Sale:

– Good quality Anglo Nubian does and bucks, and goat meat

Doe1.Doe2.Farm Goats

– Organically produced fruits and vegetables

Fruiting Durian1.Durian harvests.Fruiting Rambutan

– Live and dressed organically range fed chicken, and eggs


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